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Hekate, Renatus, and Tiberius Snape [userpic]

Of Sound Mind and Body : regulus_100 [G: Regulus Black, mentions of Sirius Black]

April 30th, 2006 (08:15 pm)

Title: Of Sound Mind and Body
Characters: Regulus Black
Challenge: Who Am I? @ regulus_100
Rating: G
Word Count: 100

“I, Regulus Black, being of sound mind and body....”

Regulus sighed, staring down at the dicto-quill hovered over the parchment before him.

“Do bequeath the sum total of my possessions to my brother, Sirius. Whose they should have rightfully been to begin with...”

The heavy locket dangled from his left wrist, a symbol of the burden he carried with him.

“The sins I have committed, I make up for now. I refuse to be a pawn any longer. From this day forward, however short the rest of my life shall be, I will be my own man. - Regulus Alphard Black.”