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Hekate, Renatus, and Tiberius Snape [userpic]

Just Everything : regulus_100 [G: Regulus Black, Rab & Roddy LeStrange, Severus Snape]

May 3rd, 2006 (02:40 am)

Title: Just Everything
Characters: Regulus Black, Rabastan LeStrange, Rodolphus LeStrange, Severus Snape
Challenge: Quidditch @ regulus_100
Rating: G
Word Count: 100

“Get your head out of that book, Black,” Rabastan said. “Time to go practice. You’re trying out of the team this year. Both of you.”

“Bugger off, Rab,” Severus drawled. “You and Roddy can fool with Quidditch. We’d rather work on more important things.”

“What’s more important than Quidditch?” Rodolphus asked as he came in behind his brother, shirtless, robes slung over his shoulder, hair plastered down with sweat.

Regulus eyed the brothers over his book, wondering briefly if that was how he and Sirius would have been if they had been sorted into the same House, “Oh, just everything.”